Your Business Mentor

Thinking of Starting a Business?: Need a Business Mentor?

How can you start a business? Thinking of starting a business? What does it mean to buy a franchise? What business ideas are best for you? How can you get the money to finance the new business? Are you cut out to be an entrepreneur?

Should your new business be an online business? …  Or maybe a work from home start-up business? Do you need an office or a storefront? Maybe the best solution is an ‘e business’ where everything is done virtually or electronically.

Need Help to Start Your Business?

This is Ray … I have been self employed since 1992. I have a Masters degree in Applied Management. But mostly my knowledge comes from the experience learned by starting your business.

During those years I have bought and sold several franchise businesses; started up two other businesses with employees, payroll and all the government  red tape. Was forced to close down some businesses during the big economic collapse of 2008.

Currently I operate several  businesses online and from my home. I have worked in sales,  finance,  marketing and management for several large corporations prior to 1992.

Need Help Growing Your Business?

How do you take the next step in growing your sales and profits? Should you outsource some of your business processes –  from manufacturing to payroll? Is there a way to achieve a work/life balance when you are running your own business? How do you raise the round of financing or the much needed business capital? Are there grants to start your  business - whether it is a small business, e business or a large enterprise type of start-up ? Is the SBA (Small Business Administration) a good resource for you … and how do you cut throught the government red tape?

Let me share my ideas and experiences with you on this web site. In a sense become your Business Mentor.

Look for Small Business Advice and Ideas Here!

Over the coming weeks and months this site will be a rich source of ideas and and how to for those who are thinking of starting a business and for those who have gone beyond the start-up phase and are learning to deal with all the issues involved with running and growing a small business today.

My team of contributors and I will be sharing our experience and expertise with you. Through this business mentoring and coaching, let’s make America the Great land of Opportunity it always was!

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